June 13, 2011

Deployment, You suck.

Motomail is finally up. I caught up on writing Pat. Sent a few cards(his year anniversary of being a Marine was June 1st) and letters. And of course now a few motomail letters. I don't think he's received any of it yet. I sent out one of his pkg's too. I know he doesn't care, as long as he gets his essentials. But it bothers me that we have no extra money right now and I can't even finish pkg #2. I had to wait to get $15 to send his first pkg! Blah. Hopefully when depo pay kicks in, I'll be able to send more regularly. But Pat wants me to save a large amount of his depo pay, which is fine but I want to send him stuff! I want to send him treats and things. Someone I know has sent out 7, SEVEN, pkg's already! Granted, they're not married, don't have the house/utlilty bills we do, and she probably doesn't have other bills, but still... it's not cheap to make these pkg's. 

It's a job to stay behind and take care of everything. I normally always handle most of the bills, while Pat does a few, but now for some reason it seems overwhelming. I don't know why. And taking care of the puppy(Norm), who's a BRAT, and the apartment.... and working *luckily* 40 hours a week, is catching up to me. On top of that, I'm not sleeping, and because Pat put us on the waiting list to get on base, I have to deal with that. And because of Norm, it is a pain in the ass. And I will have to deal with the moving/tmo because Pat wants in a house before he gets home. Ughhh. And my sister's wedding... and trying to get home for that and the shower... and all the baby showers coming up! It's one busy year.

I just needed to bitch for a min. I guess it's just starting to annoy me.

On a better note, my bestie is in Myrtle Beach!!!!! Which means they're coming up to Wilmington for a day and I get to see her!!!! I wish she would move down here. I think the perfect guy for her is a Marine and she'd love it here. I know she wants to move now but I'm not sure where she's thinking. I can't wait to catch up with her! I wish we could meet at North Topsail beach but I think they're looking at houses in Wilmington.

Man, I miss Pat.

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