May 28, 2011

Staying strong like you asked me too ♥

I wish Motomail was up. Rob's didn't take this long and I just want to write Pat! I've been writing him a letter over the last week but then I got to talk to him and told him everything in the letter lol. I'm going to write one tonight and then drop it off at the post office on Tuesday when I go to get boxes. I forgot Monday was the holiday, for some reason I thought it was on Sunday. The post office won't be open so I'll have to send his running shoes out on Tuesday.

I saw that the VFW is paying for phone calls tomorrow and his Captain said they will try to allow all the Marines a chance to call home. I work till 7 though :( Hopefully he'll leave a message. I love hearing his voice.

I feel like it's been going fast but I wonder if in the middle months it'll start to drag and start to get hard. I don't even want to think about it

I miss you babe. I'm just going to go to bed.

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