April 17, 2011

One of those Sundays...

I love my Marine♥ But, I'm beginning to find it annoying that he fights for your right to bitch and complain all day long and be rude about. No one ever says, "Wow, I'm lucky to NOT live in a 3rd world country, where people are starving every day and disease is taking over". No one ever is thankful that they don't live in Europe where gas has always been more than $4.00! When people complain about our economic situation or politics they don't agree with, they will deliberately not talk about how our military is being affected, and that the military doesn't matter as much as teachers or doctors. This is the reason I'm on this rant.(Saw something on Facebook) I don't understand how you can think a country's military is not important. And then people who say the troops don't do as much as some doctors/teachers/etc. WHATTTTT? How can you say that? I know many teachers that didn't teach me ANYTHING in school and weren't in the classroom half the time. Yet my area has good test scores. I studied on MY OWN and I comprehended the subjects, not them. I see the doctor and I'm not sure why they are paid as much as they are to tell me things I can figure out on my own. And then to suggest a treatment that doesn't work, they just said "let's try this". Explain to me how someone can say something they do more than our troops. Ughhh I don't know. I just needed to rant. 

Be thankful for your lives. Most of the world does not live the way we do and we're taking it for granted. Someone always has it worse than you do.