May 2, 2011

Osama - World Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011

Woke up to a text from my mom that Osama was dead. That's cool. OBAMA didn't kill him! Please remember that! Just because a person of interest died conveniently before an election does not mean that president killed him and should necessarily be re-elected! I hope people educate themselves on the candidates before just randomly choosing our next president. Yes, Donald Trump is unbelievable but educate yourself on his stances and ideas. Same with Obama. GOOGLE WHAT HE PLANS TO DO IF HE IS RE-ELECTED. Then at least you know what your voting for. 

Second, where is the proof that Osama is dead? I know it is fresh news, but I see no proof. And for everyone thanking ONLY the SEALS involved, I've come across a few articles stating that yes the seals were a large contributor but it wasn't all seals. It was a group of troops. And the one person who killed him, may not have been a seal... JUST SAYING(haven't seen any article declaring the one person) The other guys deserve credit too. (AND OBAMA DOESN'T). 

Also, please realize it's not over. But people don't need to run around all debbie-downer and think the world's going to end and its going to be ten times worse now. 

And to the people who don't agree with any of this and are bashing our troops because only "a little over 2000 people died in 9/11 and over 100000 Iraqi's have died because of the US lead invasion to Iraq" You really believe everything you read too? Do you do your research? Do you watch countless documentaries to form this opinion? I GUARANTEE half of you DON'T and shouldn't be bashing anyone. You don't know the truth, you're not over there. My husband, yes may be a Marine, but was not when we invaded any of these countries. He does not deserve to be BASHED. He is getting ready to see combat, but until then he can't even say shit. When he gets back, you can ask him what it's really like and then form an opinion. Don't sit there and bash something you know nothing about and if we didn't have a military that WORKED, we'd be like a third world fucking country. so count you fucking blessings and be happy you live the damn life you do. Thing's can be a lot different. Fuck. You can't change shit over night people.

I needed to vent. 

Just want to through this out there. Osama may have been dead for years. There's documentaries out there with ex-Taliban stating that Osama was extremely sick years ago, liver problems I believe, and died of natural causes. There's MANY docs about former CIA and White House officials ARGUING about intel on Osama and what they saw when they were in, him being DEAD YEARS AGO. Do your research people. And just because the gov't lies to us does not always mean its bad. Would you really want to know every time a meteor was going to impact Earth and destroy us? Supposedly it happens quite often, and we don't know about it ??? JUST SAYING. Look at all possibilities of everything.