April 3, 2011

I thought Sundays couldn't get any worse, but just realized they can.

I don't know what it is about Sundays, but I always feel like crap on them. Even when Pat is home, they are not all that enjoyable(they are just different than any other day).  It's even worse when I'm alone. And they drag on FOREVER when Pat isn't here. Even if I was busy today, I would still have this lingering hopeless feeling inside. Ughh. I want to talk to Pat. It is such crap. I checked the group fb, even though Pat told me for my own sake not to, and all these mom's said they heard from their sons ?? Pat told me they were going into the desert for the next three weeks. One wife said her husband was going to the field for only 9 days? I hate how you can't get any right information. Pat and I have such bad luck with little things like this. It just always works out that Pat or I get screwed in some little way. I'm not a downer, but it gets old after a while. It like every year, we start out on the wrong foot.

Idunno. =\

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