April 6, 2011

Troops On Ships Won’t Get Extra Hardship Pay

Troops On Ships Won’t Get Extra Hardship Pay

Why are DoD civilian employees held at a different standard than military DoD troops?

"State Department policies have effectively granted State and Defense department civilian employees hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, more than $1,000 per month for living in the same hardship duty locations. All locally hired Department of Defense employees in those areas of Japan are eligible, according to the State Department."

The troops are only getting $50 IF they are on land, for hardship pay. Also I commend the sailors in the ending quote, who have a point. $50, if we were in that situation, does not make a difference and I can see how with all the budget problems, it is kind of dumb. But at the same time I understand employees who would say the government owed it to them for making them work in a dangerous area. When compared to what the STATE is doing for civilian employees, $50 is embarrassing. I guess I just realized I do have a problems with DoD civilian employees. They reap a lot of government benefits, the same as the troops, and I don't see a comparison between them and a Marine or soldier. Until you walk on base and have to deal with civilian employees, you may not understand. For example in the office where you get your DoD car sticker, or temp pass, they are flat out rude, unfriendly, and ignorant. I have never came across one that looked like they loved their life. And this is all ages. They are rude to the Marine also. Pat and I have walked in together and I have gone by myself. They don't have manners and act like I'm the scum of the earth. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA and I want to call them out SO FUCKING BAD. If I even thought about acting that way at Sheetz, I would be counseled and then fired. I don't understand why they are so mean, for no reason. If you didn't want a job where it is your responsibility to deal with the public or answer questions, and sit behind a desk, then fucking quit. Their job performance, from what I have seen and been subject too, is a shame. It's a shame they still get paid.

I'm so confused as to where our country went wrong. It is a hopeless situation.

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