May 31, 2010

The beginning of a long situation.

I don't know how I'm going to do this without Pat. Its only been an hour and 41 minutes and I already don't know what to do with myself. I have to keep reminding myself that I can't call him and I can't talk to him... and that I won't get to see him in a few days or when I get off work... this is really happening. And it sucks. And I'm nervous that he's going to get hurt or get sent home. And if he gets discharged, for ANY reason, he's going to be a basket-case and probably suicidal. And that's really really scary for me. It ended up being a sad day. I think Pat teared up more than he wanted to. I think he was really touched by how many people actually care about him. He always thinks no one does and that no one's going to miss him when he's gone. But he's wrong. I'm glad he got to see and talk to the people he wanted to, before he left. I think it meant a lot to him.

Dad came home today! That was a nice surprise, although it will probably cause problems. Mom and Dad, will both be pissy now. And I had to half explain why I'm driving Pat's truck and not my car. And I thought I'd have the house to myself next week. Mom and Ash are going to Florida - Sunday-to-Sunday. Well, Dad's going to be home for a while. So there goes peace and quiet. Haha... not really, Dad doesn't bother me, I just can't do whatever I want now.

I have to work tonight, 8 to midnight, not too bad. I just wonder how many times I will break out in tears. I hope not a lot. Hopefully we'll be really busy and it'll go by fast and I won't think about Pat being gone. :(

[its just 13 weeks...] Please God give me strength, not to go nuts without my babe :)

I love you Pat and I know you will do your best and make us all proud!

P.S. As long as he does well at Parris Island, he should graduate August 27th!

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