May 13, 2010

[So addicted to, all the things you do]

I don't have much to say.

I have a TON to say.

Pat didn't leave. Some BULLSHIT about not sending poolees who were going to be active Marines... they only could send poolees who were going to be reservists... Yea... Its screwed a lot up. And its like they are screwing him purposely. I don't know how much I like them anymore. Not that I ever did. Ugh so much has happened. And most of its been VERY stressful. And still is. I don't even want to talk about my car right now. Later. A lot later, I might.

I do want to advise everyone I found this sweet site, CafePress and they have a lot of cool shirts, cups, bags, magnets, etc. ALSO, I opened up a 'store' on their site! You can design stuff, its so cool! my store is: JeskaStyle make sure you check it out and buy some stuff hahaa.. I'm still figuring stuff out but I have a few designs. Don't worry, I'll remind you when I get more stuff up :)

I still haven't gotten a new laptop and that's beginning to make my life hell. I can't do anything when I want to. I always have to wait until I go to Mom's. And you would think Mr. Carey, being a computer wiz and working at a major computer company... well you would think they would have a good computer at their house! But no... only his work computer is Awesome. Stephen and Patrick's is horrible and breaking down.


I'm trying to make Ash a CD, but not having much luck because I have so much other stuff I need to do too. And its not just a normal mix for her. Its a special Remember When... Its going to be great. All kinds of songs we used to listen to :))) Bring back good memories. ♥

I have so much I need to just vent about but it would take up way to much on one post... its not like anyone really reads my stuff anyway, but I know they wouldn't read something that kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling... I will definitely TRY to post more :) for my own health lmao... . . . . . . . . .

Some 'Right Nows':
Still loving and probably always will: Lady Gaga
--and bonus, Lady Gaga and Beyonce!! L♥ve it!
Song: Rude Boy-Rihanna
Wants to go to a concert Baaadddd.
Not doing so great on weight/exercise... :(
Umm... did I tell ya'll about our little vacay to Washington DC and the Marine Corp Museum?? I'll have to update and make a slideshow :)
Umm... check out jubie1o on youtube for some of my videos!

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