April 16, 2009

total eclipse of the heart.

I'm nearly done with Eclipse! i decided to take a break from reading though, I was starting to get a headache! I definitely like this book better than the second, New Moon. The first is still my favorite. Ash gave me the fourth one so I'll start that probably tonight.

I made my appointment for the doctor's today! 2pm. Finally. I can't wait to get this checked. Its a cyst or something similar, on my back near my neck. It hurts really bad and its just unbearable now. I can't even sleep well because of the location of it! The pillow irritates it and its very tender. Its getting bigger every day too. ((Keep in mind I didn't have insurance for a whole year that's why I couldn't get it checked! I just got my insurance through Sheetz a couple of weeks ago)) Dad gets cysts but his don't hurt. Pat and Mom said I have little ones all over my back... that's a scary thought. At least you can't see them. They don't have heads and they're so small they look like bumps. None of those ones hurt, as far as I can tell. My back is sensitive and always hurts, but I assume its not the cysts doing that. Who knows. I hope y co-pay isn't a lot... Ashley's was only $30. I probably won't be so lucky. I was told that Sheetz's insurance is sucky.

I'm baking a cake today! Caramel with caramel icing. Its been in the cupboard forever so I decided it needed to be used. I also have to clean. CLEAN. !!! Yea, we'll see when that happens! I' just to absorbed in the book and I'm tired... I'll get to it. Eventually.

I have a project I have to start =} Its badddd. But its hilarious and he deserves it! Maybe I'll upload it when I'm through. Heehee. I feel so devious!


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