April 20, 2009

bad habit :: happy 4.20 :P

I finished the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn! It was good. (I still think S.Meyer isn't a passionate writer and lost the love story part after the first book) But it was good and of course I was happy it ended happily! I have to get started on getting things together for the Book Club! (; I need a list of some books and ideas of how to go about this. Lindy and some others are getting lists together too! Its gonna be fun.

Interventions on tonight! Half hour to the best tv show ever starts! I'm excited its the first Monday in a while that I will be able to watch my show with out being late or being interrupted or any of that!

Mom's moving back in this week and Pat and I get to move to the apartment! SO EXCITED! I can't wait! Its hard going 19 years living with your parents, then one year moving into an apartment and then the next moving into a house!!... and then HAVING TO MOVE BACK IN WITH YOUR PARENTS! Its been good, don't get me wrong. Saved money, had fun with my dad, ate better... but I'll live on my own any day. (In fact, don't tell Pat, but if half the year I could leave and go live completely by myself, on an island in the middle of no where... I totally would. People piss me off.)

Oh, wouldn't it be cool to say you were a groupie for 8 Solid Inches!!!! HAHAHAH.
Guess you had to be there!!

Love you all!

((Remember my birthday's this Friday =)!!))

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