April 5, 2009

loving life. <3

I might have had that vision. The one that tells you everything is going to be okay. That everything is turning for the better. I think this year might actually be a good one! Last year was bad. The year before that, almost worse. But I think this summer might actually be, well, awesome! Things have changed. My life seems brighter! I haven't felt this way in a long time. Like nothing is truly wrong. Everything if falling into place. A stress has been lifted from my shoulders. Maybe I'll finally be able to calm down and live life slowly. I still know things are going to go wrong, things will still change. But I think for once in a long, long time, there might actually be more good than bad! Its usually the other way around. A few good sprinkled on a LOT of bad. I'll take it as it comes, and I thank whatever divine being granted me this!

P.S. I started reading a new book. Its AWESOME. Title: Acheron Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon -- Definitely up there with The Quest and those types of adventure books. A must read!

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