April 17, 2009

beautiful ohio

My doctor's office called this morning. They made the appointment for my surgery. Its on the 27th and its being done by my mom's cousin. I'm so thankful that I got insurance! =) The cyst is hurting really bad. I can't stand it any longer. Thankfully my doctor made the appointment so soon. I called Annette to tell her that I needed that day off and she called me later and asked if I wanted the next day off too. I didn't think about the stitches and the location of the cyst... my collar on my work shirts rubs right on it. And that's why she's the boss ;) always looking out and thinks of everything!

I have a lot to do and just now, 2:56pm got one of those things done. I finished my bills. (And put some clothes away) I meant to be tackling everything as soon as I got up this morning, but I was sleepy and then Pat asked if I wanted to play the Simpsons on xbox 360. And then race. We always rent games but never get to play them together so I felt obligated to him. PLUS, I want to read my book and he'll throw a hissy fit. I'm going to start cleaning my car right after I finish this and then I might have to get eggs for the cake. I forgot we ran out the other day!

Well its a beautiful day outside. I hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the hot rods next door revving... =) Summer's almost here!


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