April 14, 2009

heaviness falls upon you.

I bought the third installment to Twilight today at Barnes and Noble. =) The paperback doesn't come out until August so I spent more than I wanted to. It better be worth it.

The second book, New Moon, I read in about 3 days. (I worked A LOT this past week) I read it that fast because I wanted to see if Bella and Edward were going to be together. I really wanted them to be together! I don't really like the character Jacob. And I didn't know most of the book was about him. Something I didn't see coming. I started the third one today. Not that far in to it but enough to be irritated that Bella hasn't 'changed' yet. I don't know why she just doesn't get married to Edward and get it over with! And Jacob's back. That character is such an ass. If he was my best friend, he'd get his butt kicked! He doesn't seem to care about Bella's happiness, only to keep her in safety. I'm going to borrow the fourth book from Ash. And I asked for the movie for my birthday!

(the 24th of this month!!)

I talked to Colleen and we're going to start a book club! Its going to be so much fun! We'll meet places and talk about the books, and have movie nights if there's movies based on the books we read! We have to come up with a name. Something good. I don't want anything normal like The Book Club. Any ideas?

Pat rented some games so I'll see ya later!

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