December 29, 2008

happy new year. happy new life?

crazy times call for crazy measures, right? i asked for a new life for christmas.\
[do u think i got it?]

F! Santa.

pat bought a hard drive for my laptop, and the dumbasses at STAPLES, gave him the wrong one. so now i have to wait like 2 weeks for mr carey to get one through his company. STAPLES didn't even have the one i need. i didn't have a great christmas. but whatever, right? life goes on. merry f'n christmas. (haahaa, jus had to throw that last statement in there)

i know a secret... :) its a fxcking hilarious one too. its so good, im afraid to write about it. that's how amused i am by it. i'm tingling all over right this second!!!

<3 i want candy...

peace out girl scout.

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