March 31, 2011

I don't care what people say about Charlie Sheen...

Two and a Half Men is the funniest show on tv. Period. And Charlie Sheen makes the show, but the other characters are funny. I really could careless what Sheen does with his own life but I do care whether he's on the show or not. Just needed to get that off my chest.

I also need to put it out there that I'm so annoyed with our Unit. They have a private facebook group and I don't care what info I get from it, I'm about ready to leave the group. It's pathetic that instead of just messaging the person (who OBVIOUSLY doesn't realize they made an 'opsec' violation on a PRIVATE, repeat, PRIVATE group that ONLY THE MEMBERS ON IT WHO ALL KNOW THE INFO CAN SEE) they post, repeatedly, discussions and reminders. Then somehow you'll see them say "we're aware of violations on personal fb's and blah blah" Who is friends with the 'admins' that are dumb enough to put shit on their fb's that they can see? That's exactly why I'm not adding any of them. The only people I add are wives who I know don't interact on the group. It's just ridiculous that they don't privately message the person and tell them what they did. I've read the opsec rules multiple times and honestly some people interpret them wrong. So I don't agree with some of the things some people say. Its just annoying that they can be HELPFUL and PROFESSIONAL instead of know-it-all, rude, ready to punish someone, kind of people.

It's amazing how someone 30 years older than me can be completely oblivious to how you talk and deal with the public. Having some manners, professionalism, intelligence, and compassion can get you a long way in life and these people are seriously lacking it here.

It's no wonder why only a handful of people actually participate in the group. And why the FRO doesn't have many volunteers.

I've been holding that in for a while, hoping things would change and it was just a bad first impression I had. Yup, I was wrong.

PS. I'm missing Pat, but not doing too bad. I'm not sure why. Of course I've had my moments and cried, but I think I feel less stressed then when he's here! I am going through a few things that are a little stressful, but I'm gonna let them ride out and see what happens. EMV is around 5 to 6 weeks long but we're hoping it gets cut a little short so we get a longer leave. Who knows. I know the dates probably are going to change a few times. I'll be surprised if the stay the same, so far they have. We'll see though.

Rob's doing good :) I need to start getting a care package ready for him, I just don't have extra money to buy him candy and stuff. He's been able to make many phone calls and be on the internet a LOT since he's been there... I doubt it will last much longer though. I know my friend says a lot of her clients tell her they all get to talk to their husbands like once a week at least, during deployment. But I'm not convinced that includes grunts... I know a lot of families and girls that didn't hear from their grunt. But when ever I talk to a girl that says she does, her husband's usually pog. I dunno. I hope I'm wrong, I would love to hear from Pat a lot while he's gone.


FemminaDaVinci said...

totally agree!! I love two and a half men. Who cares about his personal life? His show is still beyond hysterical.

Jessica Carey said...

I'm glad someone else agrees! :)