March 22, 2011

Calls from Afghaniland !

First let me say, facebook sucks in the early AM. At first I thought it was my internet connection, but it's not. It's just facebook. And I can't successfully creep! :D

I was up and down all last night. I have a cold and that may have been keeping me up, but I really think its just blind stress. I don't feel stressed, like before, when I couldn't shut my brain off and go to sleep. I don't know, but it sucks! And I think I'm getting old, fast! I didn't drink a lot before bed and I literally went to the bathroom last night at least 5 times. What if I'm having problems with my bladder on top of everything else?!

Besides not sleeping well (I wasn't mad and cranky about it though) we got a call from Rob! I don't know if Pat had talked to him since the last time, but I thought we weren't going to hear from him for a while. At first I thought it was Pat's command or something, saying he was late or he had to come in even earlier. (That's happened before). But it was 'Wobert' :)

After Pat talked to him it was time for him to get ready. So I watched Pat get ready for work as usual. He has PT this morning, well he thinks a PFT, so he had to wear his green running suit. Not only is it the most comfortable thing he says he's ever worn, I think it's cute. After he left at 0500, I decided to just stay up. I was going to clean, but then I decided to check Netflix. Or possibly play Gears of War 2. Well I was searching Netflix and found an old movie i used to watch as a kid! I didn't expect to come across it at all, so it was like a blast from the past! It's called The Frog Prince and it's based on a children's story but the theatrics used to actually scare me. It's so funny, now I watch things that I used to watch and it's amazing what how our minds interpret things when we are young. I had such a vivid imagination. I came across Pippi Long Stalking too! Gotta ♥ Netflix!

I think I'm going to watch a little of something and then clean :)
Hope everyone has a good day!

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