October 3, 2010

Day 27 of SOI!

I can honestly say, right now, I love my life! It is perfect. Almost, all I need is Pat with me instead of states away! But it is okay. We haven't had this connection in a long time but I am so happy it's back! It's really like we started fresh and we're not holding anything back. I'm so in love with my husband. I can't wait to go on "dates" with him when he gets back and do all the fun stuff together. And I'm definitely excited to cuddle and relax with him, and you know... (=

I got boxes from work the other day so I'm going to start packing when I get off the phone with Pat! I'm excited but I'm sure it's going to stress me out a little. I have so much stuff and tons of clothes =\ I think I might put on Harry Potter or Percy Jackson; The Lightning Theif while I do it. That always puts me in a good mood. ...Although I'm kinda tired and nap sounds amazing right now!

I wish plane flights weren't so expensive or maybe we could just teleport places!! Haha. I wanna see Pat so bad!!! I'm going to be so nervous and anxious when I first see him... like when I saw him the first time on Family Day at boot camp. I'm not going to know what to do.

So much to look forward to and it's happening so fast! I'm so excited! I can't wait. I feel like we're really starting our lives now ♥

I love my hubby!

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