October 12, 2010

there's a thin line between coincidence and fate

Ok, we're still going to Hawaii!! No need to worry haha... He got screened for the sniper platoon and I guess he starts in 2 years or something ?? Not quite sure on the details, but its what he wanted to do from the beginning so I'm very happy for him! I've been packing and still have a lot to do :( I wish I didn't have so much stuff. But I know its better to take the stuff I have and save money by not buying all new things. I think I should be okay on clothes. I will later, have to look into getting some more pairs of shorts but for now I have two and a good amount of capris. Plus I love wearing yoga type pants and I'm comfortable enough to wear them when its ninety degrees out! I might have to save up for some more nice tank tops... But I have a lot of tshirts to get me by.


And I know, everyone says its so expensive down there... Well please remember our housing and food is paid for. They also compensate for the cost of living raise and it will. Be. Okay. Period. :)
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