October 10, 2010

25 Days left of SOI!!


I still can't believe it! I still think its a cruel joke and he'll call next week and said they lied. But I guess the whole platoon got stationed there! OMG!!! I'M MOVING TO HAWAII!!!!!! I can't wait. That's so much better than North Carolina, where I really think I'd hate it. Or California,  where we would be literally in the middle of NO WHERE. I'm so excited! BUT....

I got a text from Pat a little bit ago. His libo was over at 2 and I expected not to hear from him till next week. Well... he sent me a text saying headquarters selected him for sniper platoon screening. He couldn't talk any more obviously because he was like 'tell my parents.' 'i love you bye'. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Is he just accepted to try for the sniper program?! Will he still be stationed in Hawaii?!?!?! Will we have to move to NC instead?! Is it the scout sniper program?! Or what?!?!? Ughhhh I wish he hadn't told me until he got all the info and his phone back for good. =( I will be devasted if he says he won't be stationed in Hawaii now. I will lose it. I kept telling everyone the other day that there was just no way. Hawaii?? FOR REAL?! But when I heard the whole platoon got stationed there and talked to some other people and he said it had been verified, I started to believe it and get REALLY excited. And of course I still thought in the back of my head-- "Jes, you're getting you're hopes up and it's not going to really happen." I don't even know what to think now. What if he comes back tonight and gets to text me... and says he won't be able to be in Hawaii??? I will cry and cry and cry. I have never felt okay with saying "I'm moving to Jacksonville, NC. I never liked that idea. Ever. Even through boot camp, I prayed that he wouldn't get stationed there. And now to tease me?! And say he got stationed in Hawaii. I hope the Sniper program doesn't change where he'll be stationed at. I really really hope it doesn't. I can't find any info. I did find an article but it was from 2003. The sniper schooling or something like that was located at K-Bay Base. I don't know if it still is. ????? 

I just want to know if this will change where we'll be stationed at): 

k here's some stuff I found. And I assume if he got selected for "Sniper platoon screening" ... the 'screening' means it's to see if he meets the requirements? Well the requirements I found, I know Pat doesn't meet a few. Like perfect pft scores and such. He just told me he gained a half a min or something on his run time. But anyway here's what I found out about where Sniper schooling is:
wikipedia; scout sniper basic course
UGH. Lejeune is on there. I was right. I didn't know Quantico was. Quantico was nice. We went there in the beginning of the year, but I don't want to live there. And luckily I see Hawaii. 

I guess I'll just have to wait on pins and needles to find out. Thank you Marine Corps for giving me anxiety.

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