January 11, 2010


1) laptop.
2) xbox360

*I need these things asap. Donations are welcomed :)

Today is January 11th, 2010. Today is mine and Pat's six year anniversary. S I X year ANNIVERSARY. Wow, I know. We're not doing anything because we don't have money and frankly, I think Pat forgot or decided NOT to recognize it. Like all the other monthly anniversaries, he doesn't recognize them because "they don't matter". I'm not saying we have to recognize each one, but he could treat me special on that day or we could have a nice dinner... but no. "They don't matter". Well obviously neither does a YEAR, because were not doing anything special AT ALL. He didn't even think to save a FEW DOLLARS and do something NICE. I on the other hand, DID. He has two things arriving in the mail. Yes they are mostly for his birthday, but on the gift message for one of them I did note that I was saying happy anniversary by getting him that. And to make things worse, he has to watch what he eats and constantly be working out so even though today should be OUR day... its not because he has to put the other shit before it. Now mind you, I work the rest of the week. And I would love to be taken out to dinner and to eat a dinner with my boyfriend. I don't care if he has to lose weight, he can eat healthy with me.

I'm so pissed. And he can't and won't make this up for me. He'll be gone for Valentine's Day, my birthday, Easter, uhmm... Ashley's birthday. What else? I know there's other things he will be missing.

I'M SO MAD that you can't even do something nice that DOESN'T cost money! There's TONS of THINGS TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can bet you a million dollars he will treat me like he always does. Just joking around and irritating me and doing stupid shit. All I ask for is one day when its not ALL ABOUT HIM!

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