January 7, 2010

i ♥ winter


I'm so happy! :D Apparently, there's a storm coming later tonight and it looks like it already started! Its not snowing very hard but fast and consistently. Its so pretty. I love the snow!

You know what else I love? SHOPPING! And even better doing it online! There are so many benefits to shopping online! More to select from, better and more deals, its easier! Instead of scrummaging through a store and through tons of racks, I have it all at my fingertips! Even though I shouldn't have I bought some stuff from Victoria's Secret. A girl can never have enough panties and bras! Plus they had a TON of sales! Really good prices. Now I'm at Old Navy looking for something to buy with my Reward Card. :) Shopping solves EVERYTHING!

I finished most of the laundry and have to finish cleaning up Pat's room. It bugs me when its a mess. Its like all the clothes and disorganization, clutters my head! I hate it, it makes me feel out of control and lost. I think I'm going to take a shower though... and then call Pat to come get me and we'll go back the Y. I started up again, going regularly. I feel good. But I don't seem to be losing weight like I should... I think I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure it out. I dunno.


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