January 6, 2010

its been one of those weeks

Stress consumed this week. If it wasn't one thing it was another. I won't go into details but here's a few key words to the problems. Boyfriend, no car, insurance claim, missed phone calls, exercising, weight, dog, work, test, school, money. I feel like I haven't breathed all week! I wish I could press the skip ahead button and jump to three weeks from now. That would be awesome. On the other hand, I enjoyed ALL the snow we got. It was BEAUTIFUL. Peoples driving was not though. I'm thankful I didn't have to actually drive in it and I'm very thankful for my wonderful boyfriend's big truck. Even though he drives like a complete ass in the bad weather. His truck can almost handle anything, its really nice. Oh yeah, I should probably update you on him. He leaves for bootcamp in February! I'm excited and happy he made it this far, I know its been stressful for him, but at the same time I don't want him to leave. I'll miss him a lot. Three months is a long time away. I'm dreading it... I'll stress about it another time though. (I try not to think about it). Well were having movie night, so I'll be back another time! Peace ♥

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