January 20, 2010

mini vacation from work!

I'm off from work for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! :) I'm so happy. Its well deserved and needed! Although last night, before my days off even began on of the kids called me. It was really late though, almost 11. Naturally I didn't even bother listening to the message, I was asleep. Oh well.

I made a ham, egg, and cheese wrap this morning! Its really good. I must say, I am a good cook! I'm continuing to eat healthy but I'm not making much progress. Its probably due to not exercising enough. I keep fluctuating between 2 and 5 pounds, weekly. Its rather upsetting! One week I'll be doing good and then the next week I'll have gained 5 pounds! Hopefully I can control this while Pat's gone. I think it will be a little easier, maybe I'll be less stressed because he'll be away rather than dealing with the stress of "OMG he's going to be gone for THREE MONTHS!" There's a big difference.

I can't remember if I've updated you on my car situation lately. Still haven't received the insurance check. (The holiday may have thrown that off though) and I don't even want to look at cars. Period.

I'm going to do my laundry and play some Army of Two 40th Day and Tomb Raider: Anniversary! And maybe clean up Pat's room and do the dishes for Mrs. Carey.

:D It might actually be a good day!
♥ you all!

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