April 1, 2008

Survey Time; Umma Do Me.

Of course you wanna get to know me! Let's start with the Basics:
Full Name: Jessica Ann Mondora, remember it.
Birth Date: well, its April 24, 1987. BUT, I have two birth certificates! One's for the 24th and the other is for the 25th ;o) Feel free to celebrate on both days. I won't mind!
Birth City: the Yo! Youngstown, Ohio for all you foreigners.
Nationality: Greek, Slovak, Italian, Hungarian
Eye Color: green. I'm blessed.
Hair Color: As I get older, its getting darker! Brown Baby.
Siblings: younger brat named Ashley, lover her to death though.

The Likes:
Movies: Harry Potter, all of them. The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Alien vs Predator, National Treasure, The Notebook, Disney movies(I'm a collector) (: 10 Things I Hate About You, Duplex, Heartbreak Kid
TV Shows: CSI, Family Guy, King of Queens, Futurama, The Soup, anything on HGTV, sometimes the History Channel's cool.
Books: Ship of Fools, Star, Star Struck, Hostage, anything by Stephen King, House, The Golden Compass
Resturants: Applebees, Rockne's, any Chinese resturant
Fast Food: JibJabs, Taco Bell, McDonalds
Seasons: Winter's my fave cuz of the snow, but I enjoy all of them for different reasons
Animals: dogs, cats, monkeys, tigers
Vacation Spot: Daytona Beach!! Florida's my second home!
Video Games: Grand Tourismo, Brain Age, Luxor, Tomb Raider, and of course any Mario game!
Instrument: the piano

The Dislikes:
I'm just gonna sum this category up:
Spiders, liars, rain, pickles, SPIDERS, unloyal people, bitches, people who hate the world and try to make you hate it too, drama, confrontations, fighting, not being listened too, work, getting older/growing up, politics, people in general(but I try to keep an open mind at all times), headaches, showoffs, being walked all over, not being able to express myself, smoking(even though I do it), traffic, being procrastinator, the world and its stupid people, and so much more.

About my dream Guy:
Someone with a personality, independance- doesn't need me around all the time, isn't dependant on me, humor goes a long way. I like to laugh. Someone with goals and dreams, that will make them happen. Someone with some intellect. Someone who can think on their own. Likes to do things and is a risk taker. A little cockiness doesn't bother me. Someone who shares my dreams(working hard to have a good future, traveling, enjoying life everyday). He also should be honest, open-minded, and caring.

About my Career:
Dream Job: psychologist, counselor, back up dancer, archeologist
What I'm Doing Now: working at Sheetz. Yea it sucks, but the pay is really good. $10.00 an hour + benefits. I can't quit.
College: Youngstown State, not going this semester though. Switched major from Business Economics to Computer Information Systems, but didn't work out. This summer, doing online course through Mount Aloysious, for Business Administration
What I'd Really Like To Do: something that will be fun, challenging, and not be like work at all... yet to find the career that actually meets those at all.

In the Future:
I would like to: visit Egypt, Greece, Thailand, China, Fiji, go on an African Safari, visit the Rainforest, pretty much see the WHOLE world.
I would love to: live in Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, Europe, at least for a little. Each place :)
I will have: a stable relationship with my hubby, a big family, and a sweet house, that fits all my needs!

I will own: a Jaguar XKR. I'm saving now.
I will accomplish: Writing one piano piece. Seeing at least two different countries. Speaking another language, fluently. Moving out of Ohio. And driving across the United States- one big road trip!!

I love:
My other half: Melissa Saige
My Besty: Amanda Marie
My Hubby-to-be: Patrick
My family, my life, my body(well some of the time), my personality, my future, my car, my piano playing skills, my artistic side, my friends, my heritage, my puppies, my God.

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