April 10, 2008

peace, love, and happiness.

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The thought provoking survey:1. What reasons get you out of bed in the morning?
Work, somtimes. Have to take Harley out so he can do his business. Cuz you have to wake up sometime.

2. Were the ideals and dreams you had as a kid, any different from the dreams you have now? Why or why not?
I wanted to be a princess. So ya, I think that's changed! I know I've always wanted to have a good, stable life and a family. And a good job. One that's "me", fun, and makes decent money so that I can support myself and children.

3. What do you fear?
The unknowing. And fucking spiders. Loneliness. Sharing my whole life with the love of my life and him dying before me... I'm not sure if I could survive with out him.

4. A. What do you find essential to live your life?
Happiness, companionship, determination. If I can't overcome obstacles, I get stuck. So I need support from my truefriends and family and determination and confidence in myself to progress with my life.

4. B. Why can you not live without it?
If I didn't have those things, I wouldn't have a life, now would I?

5. What have you experienced today?
Nothing out of the ordinary... boredom before work. Boredom at work. Restlessness.

6. How do you feel about tomorrow?
Not looking forward to it, but will make the best of it, I suppose.

7. What do you believe to be true without any speck of doubt?
Karma's a bitch. And if you do good, you will be returned in some way. Although it may not happen as soon as you would like, He has reasons for making you wait.

8. What does truth mean to you?
Truth means being able to admit your faults and realizing who you are. You have to be true to yourself before you can be true to others.

9. Why is it worth it to keep a secret? Or why not?
To keep a secret shows me that your loyal to me when I confide in you, if it serious. Some secrets are trivial.

10. What do you desire more than anything from life? Why?
To understand what I'm here for... what is the meaning of life. I'm sure that won't be answered but I would like to know more about what we are as humans.

11. If you had the world listening to your voice... what would you say to everyone?
Everyone take a f'cking vacation and relax! Everyones so fastpaced and in a hurry, they don't realize they're missing out on life! I do not think life is about fancy things and working to live... it should be about enjoying the people around you and seeing new things. Enjoying your existence and learning.

12. What holds you back the most for the things you love to do? Why do you let it? What can you do to compromise this problem?
I'm not sure exactly... not enough money... having obligations and responsbilities. If I have to work, I have to work. And I need to work to make money so I can do things I like... and if its something I want to do that doesn't cost anything... I still have to wait til work or other responsibilities are accomplished.

13. What is reality to you?
Looking past the obvious and seeing the meaning in something.

14. If you were faced with a being that obviously wasn’t violent but considerably ugly, would you be afraid of it? Why?
Uhmm... this questions a little weird. Just because a "being" is ugly doesn't mean its harmful. Different isn't bad. It just takes getting used to. I see the good in everything before the bad.

15. What have you learned from your parents?
People change as the get older. About finances. And how to be open and insightful.

16. What have you taught someone else?
I would hope I have taught someone SOMETHING.... but I'm not sure if I have.

17. Are you afraid of death? Why/why not?
No not at all. I think its just a stage in life that leads to another state of being.

18. Where do you think this world is headed? Why?
To devastation. But its obviously is something that has to happen for us to realize what life is about. Were screwing up the world on our own. We don't learn from our mistakes, we can't progress.

19. If you didn’t have to worry about money what would you do with your life?
Travel the world and meet people, all different kinds of people.

20. What is love for you?
Finding your soulmate... the person that is so much like you but different in their own way. Your other half.

21. What is Happiness for you?
Seeing other people happy and helping others. Laughing and crying with your friends. Loving someone and being with them forever.

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