April 4, 2008

Steelhound Hockey; Fight Till the End!

Congrats to the Steelhounds for their win over the Colorado Eagles! A 5 - 2 win over the Eagles has allowed them to stay in the playoffs and possibly bring a championship win back home to Youngstown! The win was achieved by pure passion, pride till the end, and a strong drive to do what must be done. Goalie, Kevin Beech, blocked 22 of 24 shots from the Eagles. Beech, with an outstanding game, achieved his "first professional playoff victory in his first start". The three outstanding players of the game were Kevin Beech, Ryan Bennett, and Mark Odut. Bennett scoring two goals and Odut scoring one, they were also accompanied by goals by Kurtis Dulle, Jimmy Russo, and Bryan Lachapelle. With the crowd cheering the whole game and adrenaline filling the whole Centre, The official Steelhound Press Box says, "The game was very physical as they combined 135 penalty minutes off of 43 offenses with Colorado leading the way with 72 minutes."
Although there were many penalties, fights, and unsportsmanlike conduct, it kept the Youngstown pride alive. The fans were on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what would happen next, and whether the Steelhounds would come through in a victorious win. (Both in the playoff game and the fights on the ice). Today's game should be just as action-packed. Youngstown must come through victorious to stay in the playoffs and with their determination from last nights game, they should have no problem today!

Stats from the Game (www.steelhounds.com)

Period 1- no scoring from either teams
Period 2- Colorado 2 Youngstown 4
Period 3- Colorado 0 Youngstown 1

Total for Colorado- 24
Total for Youngstown- 41

Colorado 1 for 6 : Youngstown 2 for 9

Colorado 72 minutes on 23 infraction(s) Youngstown 63 minutes on 20 infraction(s)

REFEREE: Craig Welker
LINES 1: Chris Petrin
LINES 2: Shane Nakic
SCOREKEEPER: Memphis Scorekeeper
1ST STAR: Bennett, Ryan (YNG)
2ND STAR: Beech, Kevin (YNG)
3RD STAR: Odut, Mark (YNG)

Previous game(March) Hounds vs. Eagles

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