April 2, 2008

The Internet. Another World of Addictions.

I go on Myspace, every day. I wouldn't say I'm addicted though. My friends are too busy to leave daily comments and post pictures every day. So, I don't have the excitement of seeing "
New Messages!" every time I log on. And when I do, its usually from the the same 4 people that always comment me. :o) I'm not complaining though. (At least when they're picture comments, they're different people.) But I think the only reason I continue to log on is too see, if maybe 'this time' something interesting was left for me.

On the other hand, I recently found the world of YouTube. I don't know how I came across the thought of browsing music videos on YouTube, but it magically happened. I knew what YouTube was. You put your videos up so everyone can see them. Or you searched for movie trailers, music, or lost episodes of shows, and so much more. It didn't hit me until I did it that day, that you can actually find ANY music video you want or search for your favorite childhood CARTOON. Let me tell you, when I realized how much YouTube is good for, I became addicted. Instantly. I ended up laying on my bed for a couple hours, searching for music videos and creating a playlist that I would listen to while working out (the elliptical is near the big computer) and then I came across one of the first cartoons I remember as a child, which spawned into another hour of searching for every childhood cartoon I ever watched! And with the awesome feature of playlists, I was able to save all my favorite episodes, and make them private. That way I won't be embarrassed to admit that I still watch cartoons and which ones.
The following days, I came across different videos which would turn into an hour searching for videos that were like the first one. Every time I opened my laptop or logged onto the big computer, YouTube was now the first website I would open. Instead of Myspace.

I'm not proud to say I sit in front of the computer when I'm bored for hours at a time. Or sometimes the internet is more fun than talking to my sister or mother. But it has this magic spell, all the possibilities. Usually the minute I get on, I'm caught in a whirlwind of paths... search for my favorite cars, search for honeymoon vacation packages, search for lyrics, download music, upload pictures, blog, read my gmail, play games, buy anything you want, read articles, all these things available at my fingertips, is my weakness. having it right in front of me captures me and I get stuck on the computer for hours if I'm not distracted by something else. I hate it and I hate the damn internet. For months I wasn't addicted. I barely went on. I rarely logged into my Myspace account... then something changed. And I regret it. Like the first time you try a drug you know your going to have stop, cuz its just too good. Damn the internet.

I hate being closer to an inanimate object then a human being.

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