September 4, 2010

Breezin down the freeway just me and my baby, in our ride // Just me and my boss no worries at all ♥

Tried out the new design stuff on blogger... but I can't get the date tab above the posts to change from that red to transparent :( ugh.

I have to work at 3 and I know we're going to be BUSY tonight. I'm there till midnight and I'm sure it's going to suck. :(

It's weird saying and thinking I have a 'hubby' or I'm a 'Mrs' :) Still getting used to it.
Hubby didn't get Recruiter's Assistant, kinda sucks. No it really sucks. Because this week has been... I can't even explain. Just not how it should have been and he'll be gone for 2 months? This sucks.

I'm so tired. I want to post all the pics from Parris Island, Fam day, and graduation. But I feel so blah and out of it. I should be jumping off the walls with happiness because he's home and we GOT MARRIED! But I feel like I haven't seen him this week. Like we didn't talk except for the days we were at the cabin. When we get home at night we're so tired we fall asleep immediately, or when we're out there's always people around talking to him. It's like I didn't get any alone time. No time to talk about important things. Or even to just lay and cuddle together. And tomorrow I'm sure will be hell. His mom has some picnic planned and he has to get all his uniforms together and all his stuff and I think say bye to people he didn't get to see.  It's going to be busy and I just want time to stop and us to be ALONE. I don't even care if we talk I just want to BE HELD.


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