February 28, 2010

waiting on the world to change.

There were a few things I wanted to vent about, but since I decided to wait to write about them, I forgot. Its probably better this way... shouldn't stress over stupid things or things that are out of your hands. Right? But its hard not to when they directly affect you and your future. I hate change. Ugh. Whatever.

Although I should have went with Pat to the Y, I didn't. I need to start going, bad. I quit smoking and gained weight within the first 3 days, I swear! And the lack of exercise doesn't help. I feel overwhelmed with my weight though. And I'm always hungry... which doesn't help! I'm at mom's house though (she's not home, luckily) and I played Wii Sports and started the Wii Fit. I did yoga, stepping, and a ton of balance games. My back hurts a little now, but surprisingly I wasn't hungry after! I think yoga might be what I need! And of course, watching what I eat.

I'm going to take a shower in a few and probably pass out, I'm really tired. (Probably has something to do with staying up late and drinking at Jenn's!) But we had a great time! We played wii over there too. They have more games and one of them had curling!! It was fxcking awesome! And archery- it made me want to go out and shoot bow and arrows for real! And she has the Wii Resort, which has a ton of games on it too! Now I want to play it ALL THE TIME! I think I'm going to have to tell Mom about these ones so she buys them for her!

Well I shouldn't waste anymore time. ♥ luvvyaa.

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