February 7, 2010

Car Shopping!

So, I still am looking for a car! Its been forever, or at least it feels that way. I'm having no luck at all. There's nothing out there. Nothing worth buying and nothing good enough to buy. Thanks Cash for Clunkers. YOU SCREWED ME! And not to mention, car values went up. Went up a lot since last February when I bought my Bravada. I was given about $3000 more than what I paid for my Bravada. Yea, I made out nicely, but try finding a good vehicle with low/decent mileage, that isn't a piece of crap, that is WORTH keeping for more than 2 years... chyea. Okay. Its really frustrating. Although, a few times we have came across some REALLY good finds... but they were so good, unheard of good, that they were sold before we could even look at them or my mother got involved. Yes, my mother. She doesn't understand the car economy right now. Which its not like she searches online for cars all day long! So she has know information, but she won't listen to Pat and believe that he actually KNOWS what he's talking about. And when she doesn FINALLY come around, its too late! We're going to see these BMWs sometime this week so I will be back with some good news, hopefully.

On the other hand. If I ever win the lottery, I know exactly what cars I want. I really like the new Buick Lacrosse. The CXS is really sweet, I like the body style and all the options. After building "my" Lacrosse on their website, I'd need about $42,000 :) It would be a cool car to own. There's also brand new BMWs, Aston Martins, Benz's, and of course, my Jaguar- that I've always wanted! I have high hopes I know. But its okay to dream! Maybe one day my wishes will come true. [anything can happen]

Pat and Dad are watching the Super Bowl, I'm listening but not really caring. I hope the Saints win though!

♥ Sunday Funday!

p.s. WE GOT 16inches of SNOW the other day! ! ! I loved it! We might get another 6inches on Tuesday! :D The snow is the highest I have ever seen it in my life! I ♥ winter!

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