June 12, 2008

My Little Sister's A Big Girl Now!

Ashley graduated last weekend from high school! She makes me feel old now! I was thinking, my chapter of high school is officially over now, but I remembered Stephen still has one more year. And after his graduation, I'll never be at Canfield High School again! Unless, I stay here and have my own kids. But he'll be my last connection to that school and those people. Its kind of scary when you think about it. I always thought after I had graduated that was the end, but it wasn't. I always had a reason to stay connected and return. But now I really don't. And next year will be final.
I thought mom and I would be more emotional, but we weren't. It was too hot out to be emotional. I did cry when they announced Ashley's name for a $1000 scholarship, she didn't know she was receiving. I was so happy for her! It was given to her without her knowloedge by a doctor for Education. She said she wasn't sure if they actually called her name and hesitated to get up, when it happened!

We celebrated with drinks when we got back to the house. Then we went to dinner at Nicolinni's with YiaYia and Aunt Phil. It was a nice time. Too much family time together though. By the end of the night, I think we were all glad it was over.

Although she's probably heard this enough times already, Ashley I'm really proud of you and I hope you the best in your college years. If you haven't learned anything from me, then I haven't done my job as your older sister! I hope you succeed and try your best in everything you do, learn from my mistakes. Love you so much!

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