May 31, 2008

bummed :o(

Well, were not going to Geneva this weekend. All the hotels were booked. But were going to plan something for next month and I told Erica that might be safer. This weekend we just got lucky that we didn't work, next month we can request off.

Everyone seems to have problems right now. Not normal problems, but really personal, life changing problems. I feel bad for them, because they're all nice, good people. And all I can do is listen and give some advice. Advice that I usually know they aren't going to take. I understand that it takes time to build up the courage to do something that must be done. But when I see that is the required step, and they don't do it, then what am I supposed to do? And how does it seem so easy to me and not them? All they need to do is confront the problems straight up. Speak Up. Talk. Communicate. I feel I do that with my problems. Most of them at least. There are some I do ignore but its because they aren't serious. The problems my friends have(or ones that I see) are serious problems that they need to talk about to the person it deals with. What's hard for me though, is when they keep coming to me and venting to me about the same things that are just getting worse and worse. And they still aren't talking to the person they really need to talk to. I won't repeat myself over and over. So when I go silent, I feel like I'm not helping them. But I don't have anything else to say! Its frustrating for me! And I just want everyone to be happy. Its summer! Its time to have fun and not have any worries! Geez.

DL this song: Lolli Lolli(Pop that body) - Three 6 Mafia

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