June 13, 2008

i make it rain.

Its storming! And I'm all home alone! Nice combination, huh? Its cool though. I love thunderstorms. I hate the rain, but thunderstorms are fun. You never know if the lights are going to go out and you have to(or should) stay at home. I think its the best time for bonding or cuddling! And it brings back good childhood memories. I remember when I was little, the power used to go out all the time. I know with technology advances, it doesn't happen much anymore. But something about being a little primitive was fun. We used to grab the flashlights and light candles and then run around the house or hide in the hallways. It was fun and scary at the same time. The eeriness of the lights flickering always set the mood. Technology sucks sometimes. I miss those days when electricity wasn't fool-proof.

I got creative while I was watching CSI a little bit ago. I decided to draw/doodle. I think I might have came up with a tattoo idea! Pat will be really excited. I don't believe in getting peoples name's tattooed on your body unless you have no doubts, but I drew a little somethin' and I think I like it. It wouldn't have his name, but his initials. Its just an idea though. And I'd probably think it over for years before I actually went through with it. And I know that irritates him because he'd go get my name on him tomorrow, if I told him to do it!

Well. I'm going to finish watching CSI with the doggies. Mom made sure to remind me to take them downstairs if there was a tornado warning. They're the brats of the family!


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