May 30, 2008

Catching Up.

My baby came home and surprised me last week! He did trick me, but it was worth it. I cried. I told him later it was like I needed to pinch him and make sure he was really there, because it just didn't seem real. We had fun the 5 days he was home. They went really fast, though. He was gone for over 3 weeks and that felt like 3 months and when he got home the 5 days felt like only 2! It sucked but he does have to make money and take care of his finances if he wants to show me he's worth marrying!

So although I'm bummed he's gone, I do have something else to look forward to! Geneva!!! I can't wait, its going to be so much fun!! We're doing that thing where you get a drink at every bar and then you get a tshirt at the very last one!! And I'm glad I'm going with Erica. She's responsible and I feel safe when I go out with her. :o) One more day and we leave!!

We were supposed to leave tonight but Tracy couldn't get the night off, so were leaving tomorrow. I work til 5 today. Short shift. Colleen switched with me <--love that girl! So now I'm just chillin before work. I should clean my room. But damn, my back hurts :(

DL this song: Yael Naim- New Soul :) It puts me in a good mood!

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