May 11, 2008

Lil Wayne Concert

Was a disappointment. And it was a waste of money. I still like his music and believe he's a good artist, but he's not the greatest performer and was a little ridiculous. The concert started at 7:30pm, and he didn't come on until after 11pm. ??? The DJ and the radio station did their best to keep the audience's attention and waste time but it was annoying and pointless. There was rumors that he was not going to show up at all in Youngstown, and after the cancelation in the first place, I wouldn't have doubted it. But he was there, he just "wasn't coming out". Not sure why... but normally performers don't do that to their fans. I've been to quite a few concerts/shows, and this
was the worst. Let alone the sound was horrible, there were no lighting effects/special effects, back up dancers... nothing. I'm not saying every performer has to have all of that... But damn. Make the show interesting. It wasn't by the time he actually got on the stage, I didn't want to be there, and you can tell other people didn't. People were asking for their money back and everything. After a show like that, he gave himself a bad reputation in Youngstown. I for one, would never pay to see him again, and I wish it wasn't this way. And the Chevy Centre didn't make this event any better. If they are wondering why people don't buy tickets for events and concerts there, they should try sitting at one of them, themselves. Their ushers are horrible, and if you have a problem, there is no supervisor that knows what they are talking about. Their staff needs a lesson in customer courtesy and professionalism.

The only thing I enjoyed about the concert was I was feeling good because of the beer, and we stayed to hear Lollipop and see Birdman. Although, I wish he performed more. He was honestly better than Wayne.

So in the end, I wish the best to Lil Wayne, and hopes he and his entertainment team, gets their shit together.
I'll continue to listen to your music, but I'm not sure if I'll be patronizing you anytime soon.

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