February 20, 2008

Bitchfest 2008; Doubting.

Don't you hate when people doubt you? That's the worst thing you can do to me. I'll never forget it, and it will forever piss me off. And I think it makes me so angry because once they doubt you, even if its 3 years down the road that you did what THEY said you would or wouldn't do... they're still like, "Told ya so! See I knew you couldn't do it!" I hate that. Why do you care so much about what I'm doing? People spend so much time worrying and trying to give advice to someone else, that they miss what's going on with them and screw up they're own lives. (Which is funny.) Not that their advice is any good, though. Its just advice to get you to do what they want. Because everyone has a little control-freak in them. And thinks they know what is best for everyone else. So don't doubt me, have some goddamn faith or hey, just stay out of my business! :) I'd like that a lot!

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