February 8, 2008

cleaning my life out.

Happy Birthday Erica! Hope you enjoy this one and many more! I wish you the best and stay safe!

My mother is a clean freak. She assumes I'm not going to clean, so she feels the need to remind me everyday that my room 'will not be a mess'. I woke up today with the intentions of cleaning. And throwing everything that was useless away. I was in the mood to clean since last night. Which means I want to accomplish something. Something obviously is bothering me, for me to want to clean! I am really stressed out... but I can't pin point one thing. Oh well. I feel a lot better now. And I cleared a lot of things out. I wish I could just throw everything away and start new! It would be so nice if I didn't have to go through all the boxes to see what's exactly in them. I would just park a dumpster next to my window and start throwing shit out! That would be nice.

I don't know if I want to straighten my hair today or go wave-y.
Dinner at 5 for Erika! Can't wait!
VDay boxes with Amanda, later! I need to get creative.
Hockey game? Not sure.

I think I'm going to practise the piano. Its relaxing.
[peace out]

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