March 2, 2008

Bottled Up Anger?

Lately, I have been super pissed. I'm not usually pissed off and agitated ALL the time. But this has become daily. To almost every hour someone or something pisses me off. And this isn't PMS. But it kinda scares me. I just find myself walking away from the agitator and calming myself down. Like literally telling myself to "calm down, breathe slowly, in and out, in and out..." I never was like that. I never used to come seconds away from freaking out on someone verbally, or worse physically. I constantly want to hit someone. Everyone lately has been stupid. Its like I'm surrounded by fucking idiots, everywhere I go. [ I'm not saying that I think I'm perfect, believe me, I'm getting pissed off at myself also! That's a whole different bitchfest though. ] Everyone's head is up their asses, and apparently they all went deaf and lost their eyesight, and their brains? Well they decided that was last years fad, so they threw them away! I'm serious, everyone acts like they are incompetent. And then gets mad at you for their mistakes. I can't stand people!

And then someone has the nerve to tell me I'm high-strung; That I need to chill out. Well if I wasn't surrounded by morons, incompetent, selfish asses, and I wasn't suffering from near coronaries everytime someone asked me something OBVIOUS, or instructed me to do something I'm ALREADY doing?! Then I wouldn't need to chill out. And I wouldn't freak so easily. I don't want to resort to smoking a blunt every day just so I can chill and deal with stupid people!! Maybe they can just THINK BEFORE THE SPEAK!

[yea, and most of this pertains to people that walk into my place of employment, fellow employees and customers alike.] Truth hurts, huh?

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