November 23, 2010


There's so much updating I need to do :) Here's a brief overview:
We're moved into our new apartment in Jacksonville! We're getting tmo soon so we'll be moving all our stuff down here. Which can't come soon enough, we're sleeping on an air mattress and I only have a few pieces of clothing, same with Pat. We got a tv for the living room, so that's good. Now I'm not completely bored. We only have Pat's car at the moment so I can't go anywhere.
Update on my car: IT'S DONE!!! Finally! Butttt, of course my family is crazy and now the agreement my father and I had, has somehow changed. I think my MOTHER got into his head or something. So basically she, who isn't involved, is controlling what's going on. (Being that she and dad, mostly DAD, paid for the bill.) But it was money I had saved up to pay them back so really it was still my money. Ugh, confusing I know. The amount of the bill was over $5000 so when they say BMW is expensive to fix, they're right. But I know it was done right and it was done by a BMW dealership, so it's certified work. So yea, it may be more expensive to fix then say a Chevy, now that's it's fixed, it's like brand new. And some other cars you can't say that for. Plus the new head had really low miles on it as well as my engine, so I'm in good shape. EXCEPT, I found out my MOTHER is driving it?!?!?!?!?! I'm going to kill her I swear. And she's doing it behind my back, having Ash cover her and shit! I could kill her. 
--Then she says I need to get a job(she knows I have debt) understandably. But how can I get to work without a car?! She thinks Pat doesn't need a car to get to base or while he's at 'work'(on base) She's effing retarded. 

And she wants to move down here with us. After everything she's putting me through?! Hell NO! She can move down here on her own, and get her own damn apartment.


ANYWAY... back to updating:
love our apartment. It's a 2 bedroom/2 bath, sun room, living room, dining room, walk-in closets, 24-hr laundry center, gym, and business center, pet friendly. surrounding are is awesome. Tons of restaurants, TEXAS ROADHOUSE AND SONIC within a minute down the street!!!! Plazas, tons of stores, hotels, etc etc. There's a park behind us! Although I don't think it has trails or anything like home. But I did find out there is a nature trail down the road from us. So I'll have to check it out soon. The mall is really close. We're like a few minutes from the main gate. The weather is awesome. Sometimes it gets a little chilly, but not bad at all. Other than that, we haven't gone adventuring. :( Maybe since we're not going home for Thanksgiving(home is out of bounds for Pat) we'll do some adventuring during his libo. We're tight on money right now though... the way his pay checks fall and his few bills, it doesn't end up to good for us. Especially at the beginning of the month. Then because I'm not working and I got my last paycheck last week, I have to stay afloat on my bills... but it's going to be tight, probably too tight. And my credit already isn't great- I really can't afford to go default on my bills. But I'm also not going to make Pat's account go negative. It sucks... not sure what we're going to do. [I NEED MY CAR SO I CAN GO WORK!]

Well just wanted to update a little, I should be working on bills and cleaning right now :)


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A Marine's Babe said...

Aw I'm glad you guys got into a place. Enjoy it!