March 25, 2010

United States of Unjustice. A hypocrisy compiled on lies and greed.

Our judicial system is rediculous and I have nothing good to say about it at all. How can I when its fueled by greed, lies, and selfishness? I begin to think that maybe there is no God out there watching over us and maybe we are in full control. I think our God gave up on us a long time ago. I would. We are selfish beings. Only out to make ourselves feel good. Justice is brought to ourselves, even when we say we are doing it for the victim. Its not for them though. Its for us. So we can live with what happened. So we don't suffer. Because when we really think about it, they did get the easy way out. We are the ones stuck here with the pain, remorse, revenge. We need to see someone else pay. That person must pay for what they did, even if they aren't TRIED FAIRLY! It doesn't matter. Someone MUST pay! And while we are at it, in our selfish mind, we decide to take it one step further. Make their families pay. Whether they are innocent or not. Make their families affected by this. Why? Because we need justice, right? It doesn't matter if we know we are just pinning the blame on someone. We don't care about the other people in that person's life. Or the people that will come years and years later. Right, you are doing a selfless act by finding justice for your victim. Right. I understand. If something was taken from you, you have to take something from someone else. Yeah... greed makes sense. Our country wasn't built on these virtues. What kind of people did we become? What kind of people are we? Is it right for this to go on... we live in a distorted world. Nothing is true, nothing is just. There is no black and white. There is only us, surrounded by lies, whispering in our ears.


nothingprofound said...

The injustice of this human world is one of the hardest truths to bear. Because it inflicts so much needless suffering on so many innocent people.

jessca ann said...

I agree. Thanks for reading.