December 22, 2009

Try and Try Again.

Update: I went to TDDS School of Allied Health for the STNA (State Tested Nurses Aide) program. It was about three weeks long and I really enjoyed it. My classmates were really nice and we had fun and clinicals we really not that bad! After you complete the course you take the state test. Our dates were for like three weeks after the class ended. Well, as you know, I got in an accident on the thirteenth of December. My scheduled state test was that week! The seventeenth! After talking to everyone, I decided not to cancel the test. I was feeling better and was able to move so I could still do the skills. The test is composed of a 70 question written test and then you have to perform 5 skills. Well I passed the written with a 95%. And I passed four skills 100%, perfectly, NO FLAWS. But I failed one, vest restraints! Now, I was having trouble. And I kept checking and re-checking my slip knots and the position on the strap where I tied it. I know for a fact I tied it to the non movable part of the bed and I watched the evaluator pull the knots and they came perfectly undone (which is all part of the critical step.) BUT I still failed. I think what happened was I thought where the strap came down and where I would tie it(right where it fell) was not the movable part so I tied them a little higher then the residents waist. Which would not be the correct part. I was really upset when I found out, but I had a feeling I wasn't going to pass. The accident happening five days before threw everything off, and I couldn't study by acting the skills out since I was in so much pain. Ugh... now I have to wait to find out when the next test dates are and pay for the skills portion again. Luckily my Mom said she would cover me. It just sucks because in this field you can't even use vest restraints unless it is absolutely ordered by a physician. So having it as one of the 25 skills sucks because I shouldn't know how to do it since its dangerous and wrong to put a resident in a restraint!

I'm going to go to the reviews though and try my hardest. I'm just afraid I'll be really nervous again and get hard skills. Besides vest restraint my other skills were handwashing(everyone has to do), denture care, weighing an ambulatory resident, and changing an occupied bed! Those are nice and easy! I might get PERI CARE, FEEDING, or even VITAL SIGNS next time! And you only have 35 minutes to do all five!

I am going to keep my head up though :) and practise, practice, practice!
♥ jessi.

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