December 14, 2009

its winter time again... ♥

I love winter. And I love the snow. But I don't love ice. And not knowing its going to be covering the roads completely! And not knowing that the salt trucks were not sent out before or during the rain!! Picture this. Walking outside, down the steps to the sidewalk and sliding the first footstep down! Then sliding all the way to the end of the driveway where your car is parked. Then getting in your car regardless of the situation you're in, because you HAVE to go to work. Call your boyfriend before you leave the driveway to tell him not to go ANYWHERE this morning because it looks like a sheet of ice is covering everything. Start you car, defrost the ice on the windshield. Leave the driveway, then the development, thinking "not all the roads are icy". Which they weren't! Didn't slide once until the bend. The next part happened fast and was very chaotic. After rounding the slight bend, I noticed my car starting to pull in the other lane, then it was all over. Back and forth for the next few seconds, the wildily being thrown across the road and back over and over. Next the car starts to spin, fast. I can't see anything, but the tree coming at me. I start to scream and suppose I gripped the steering wheel. Bounced off of the tree and I think out of reflex put my foot down. Which happened to land on the GAS PEDAL which in turn made the car slam into, DEAD ON, in ANOTHER TREE! A few seconds went by and I think I realized what happened, I started to cry and scream because I realized I was pinned in my seat. At this point I think my windown wasn't broken out... because I distinctly remember seeing it. But I don't know. I lost my phone and couldn't find my glasses. Minutes went by and I realized my door wouldn't budge. I couldn't grab my phone. All I wanted to do was to call for help. Finally I reached my phone and dialed 911. After this was HELL. In short, a half hour went by and I was trapped in the car, in pain. Two more wrecks occured, which in turn made the cop think one was my wreck and didn't see me. My manager who I called crying to say I got in an accident, got in one herself. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get me out, which are very scary. I was put into the ambulance which got stuck and almost wrecked itself! Another half hour went by as we waited for salt trucks or someone to help us. As were sitting there, the driver is saying to brace ourselves, a car is coming right for us. This happened twice. Then I could hear him say, "a car just took out a mailbox, that car just wrecked" etc etc. It was hell. And the ER is a whole different story. I'm thankful for my friends and my family and I am thankful I came out of it. My car is demolished and that's sad. I really liked that car.

No one asked me if my life flashed before my eyes. Something did... I can't say exactly what it was, but I remember thinking about something... or more importantly someone. I'm not sure.

Another weird thing, Pat asked me before I walked out, not to go to work that morning. And of course I said no, I have to work. Amd he asked me one more time, "don't go to work today".

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