May 24, 2009

Live for the day.

Do you ever notice when you stay up all night and you're awake for dawn, you get this weird feeling? I do... In Bram Stoker's, Dracula, he describes this sensation perfectly. He compared it to the tides turning and how it really is the beginning of the new day. I really don't like the feeling I get when this happens. I feel slightly sick and completely helpless. It's very strange.

Well this happened this morning, because we didn't get home until 6am! So after spending the whole previos afternoon and night partying, and being completely trashed, I was not happy to realize it was light outside. I would have much rather been asleep before dawn. And to make matters worse, I was going to be sick this whole day. And I was until about 7pm. It sucked. I have to work on realizing when I've had enough. Which is after maybe 4. Yeah, I'm lightweight. I think it's because in 8th grade I had to go to the ER for severe dehydration and I remember them saying my kidneys were shutting down. I was close to dying. But I think my kidneys never fully healed and are messed up still. That's my theory to why I get drunk after 1. At least I'm a cheap date. (=

I'm getting sleepy again, I'm gonna go.

PS eminem's new album, 'relapse', is pretty good. He really is a lyrical genius, even if he is crazy. Which some of the songs are fucking insane.

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