October 10, 2011


It's been pretty long since my last post. I hut the internet and dvr/cable off to save some money. I rarely watch tv since Pat's left. I was watching a lot of Netflix but when I shut the internet off, I put out Netflix and Xbox live on hold. I work a lot anyway so there's not much time for siting down.

Deployments going by fast! Were almost done. Pat was awarded the NAM, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, for everything he's doing over there. I'm so proud of him! He says he's ready to come home. He's was moved to HQ and is the police sgt. He says he loves it but is always busy. We get interrupted all the time be cause he has to go fix something or check something in. He doesn't get much sleep and can be woken up on his off time to take care of something. But he likes it. I know he can't wait to get home and have a real night's sleep. Next to me of course :)

I move in a month on base! I have the address, but can't go in the house yet. We drive by it often. I'm so excited! I can not wait to get it all ready for Pat. It's going to be so great, I low our apartment but I'm so trednof apartment living and well save money this way. We wod save more if we bought a house or townhouse, but if we deecided to buy, it's permanent in my eyes and I'm not settling for less than what I want in a house. Plus a townhouse is nearly the same as apartment living. No garages most of the time and tons of neighbors in a tighter area. At lease on base it's normal neighborhoods just allege houses are condo types. Which I house-sat for Rachel and didn't once in 5 days hear her neighbors. Plus I'll be literally 20 seconds from her. Our house is an end one and were right on the corner of a street that is less than a minute from the gate. We have a big side yard and back yard. Our driveways a little steep which I don't like but I'll get over it. Pat wanted to be on a court but I'm okay with not. There's extra parking near us.

It all happening so fast. Mom will be here soon and I already set tmo and the move. They'll do everything we'll just have to oversee the packers.

Well I'm typing this on my phone and it's annoying. I'll post another time. :)


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