December 17, 2010

Operation Always Faithful book is on the market ;) Link to purchase Operation Always Faithful

For anyone who doesn't know, it's a compilation of true stories from girls in relationships with their service men (I'm not sure if it's just Marine couples or not)

But the reason I'm actually blogging about it (I do plan on buying it eventually) is because I didn't know there was a site where you could publish your own books! Haha, I was excited about the book but even more excited about the site... I have to check the site out more but this might come in handy! I want to make a cook book of my fave recipes and you can do this on this site ( I'm excited to say the least!

Pat's got back from the field yesterday! I had a feeling they would be done early. He was pretty heated about everything that had gone on in the field. I felt bad. But let's just say that was the 'funnest' night Pat and I had in a long time! If ya know what I mean ;) It was like when we were younger... I know, we're not that old -- BUT! Things have changed! Haha. I mean we've been together almost 7 years, it felt like we had already been married 4 years ago!!! I'm not complaining though, it was just nice to have 'fun' like we used too.

Today he's been standing by since he got to base. He's just laying in the car. I understand that our military might not have something to do every single day and when you think about it, active duty is like salary. They're on-call 24/7 and have no set hours of work because they aren't paid by the hour. I just don't understand how they can't find SOMETHING to do. Like, why don't they have classes they can attend like maybe ones where they get a certificate or something. Or why aren't there more first-aid classes. Pat hasn't attended one and I remember Shuler going to some while Pat was in boot camp. ??? I just don't see why they sit and do nothing. All day. Or I think they should make them go to the rec or something. It's pretty useless for Pat to sit in his car close to the barracks, when they could at least let him venture to the rec and work out a little. I mean he's only a phone call away.

Enough venting. I need to make a grocery list ;)

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