August 21, 2010

Day 81 [Crucible is almost over!]

6 more hours and my love will be a United States Marine!!!!!! I can't believe it, I thought this day would never come! And I definitely thought I'd never make it to this day!!! I would like to thank the best family and close friends in the universe for my strength and also all the new friends I have met along the way!!!! All the ladies of Hotel Company and a few USMC gals I have also met! I couldn't do it without you guys. I really thought I wouldn't be able to. It feels good to know as sad as I was when Pat first left, I was able to overcome that and it got better as the days went by! I love you all!

And I especially love Patrick Carey!! I can't live without you and I don't even want to fathom what it would be like if I didn't have you in my life! You deserve this babe and you will make a fine Marine :) I'm so excited to be your wife and spend the rest of my life with you. I can't wait to see you. 4 more days babe. I love you truly. ♥

Semper Fi
My ♥ belongs to a United States Marine

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