September 11, 2009

If I knew what I know now, back then...

[1] I wouldn't be so stubborn
[2] I would have gone straight to a tech school for a medical program instead if YSU
[3] I wouldn't be so selfish
[4] I would have told you I loved you more
[5] I would have never gotten any credit cards. NOT ONE
[6] I would have gone to class
[7] I would have thought things through before doing certain things... Instead if being dumb about stuff.
[8] I would take better care if my car
[9] I would learn to bite my tongue
[10] I would visit my other family members more often
[11] I would have never started smoking
[12] I would have watched what I ate
[13] I would ask more questions
[14] I would communicate better with my boyfriend
[15] I would loosen up
[16] I would do more for you
[17] I would travel more
[18] I would learn to let things go
[19] I wouldn't let everything bother me.
[20] I wouldn't be SO hard on myself
[21] I would love myself more.

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