August 4, 2009


I was planning a trip to Washington D.C. but then I realized, I should be saving money for North Carolina. I really want to go to D.C. though. I'm torn. It was a really nice package too. I think about it some more, I guess.
I haven't heard anything from the NC district manager yet, which is really frustrating too. She called the store back but Annette wasn't there that day, so its been like two weeks since then. I know she's busy but, I'm moving regardless and I need the information immediately. And I should be the one talking to her anyway, not Annette. I could easily just send in my resume right now, myself. But I need them to know, its not a "maybe". I need to know about the areas and which stores I can even look at. I can't do anything until I know which store are available. Aghhhh. I'm so frustrated.

I haven't been having a very good week and it just makes me hate this place and EVERYONE here even more. I can't wait to move and start ALL over. I won't regret it one bit.

♥ its whatever.

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