November 28, 2008

From "True Notebooks" by Mark Salzman

One of Mark's juvenile delinquent students writes 'Collision',

The angel is coming at full speed in one direction, while the devil comes in the other. The devil with his pitchfork, running at full speed, aiming to hit the angel in the chest, all of a sudden stops with the force of the angel's power. The devil tells the angel that he is going to kill him and that he is going to go to hell, but the angel responds, "I am with God and the only place that I'm going is to His paradise." The devil then strikes him, sending him to eternal fire. The angel on his knees, weak, all of a sudden gets his energy back and strikes the devil with his wings and sends him to heaven. There they are, throwing blows, wrestling, doing whatever they can to win.
All of a sudden they're running full speed towards each other when they collide and become one. That one is me.

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