September 20, 2008

Bonfire :: Good Times!

Tonight were having a bonfire! :) Wendy's hosting it at her house and we invited a bunch of people from work. I'm excited cuz I know its not going to be stupid. Like they usually are. This is actually semi planned out. I'm so tired of making plans with other people and they constantly fall threw -or- they screw the plans up(usually on purpose). I'm tired of having our nights cut short and in control by someone else. Yea, I am talking about someone specific. But it always happens that way. Its always half-assed plans and rushed. Its never fun and its always cut off/ended when "they" want it to be. 'They're' really inconsiderate to other people and they're plans... You can't always do what you want and you sure as hell can't always make other people do what you want! So I'm done with them controlling everything. Its time I put my foot down and took control. I always let everyone make my decisions for me and walk all over me. But not anymore. I'm going to do what I WANT, WHEN I want, and HOW I want :) Cuz there's a ton of shit I want to do BUT NEVER GET TO DO! CUZ I'm ALWAYS DOING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO DO!

That felt good.

peace out.
I'm sure I'll have picks from the fire.

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